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“The stage has been set for God to demonstrate and reveal his plan to the king through his servant Nehemiah, but He knew that Nehemiah would need the assistance of the king. The time had come for the vision to be made plain, and He knew that it was time for the leaders of the kingdom to implement the plan for rebuilding.

Once recognized by the king to speak, Nehemiah realized that he could no longer be who he had been in the past. He had to go to the place of his burden and leave the place of comfort. Each of us knows that it is scary to step out on faith, but stepping out takes us from comfort to the kingdom. The prodigal son chose to step out because he had made a decision to build a new life, but choosing to make a decision without a clear plan from God is wasteful. The time that he spent, the money he wasted, and the fact that he could lose everything indicates that his decision was made in the flesh. His decision to build a new life was without a plan and without good vision.”