Apostle Tommy R. Twitty

Senior Pastor | (864) 461 - 7178 | [email protected]

A native of Chesnee, South Carolina, Apostle Tommy Twitty is a visionary, teacher, prophet, author, and founder of TRT Ministries and Reaching Outside the Walls Ministry (R.O.T.W). He is also the Senior Pastor of Word of Deliverance Assemblies, Inc., that is located in Gaffney, South Carolina.

In 1998, God gave Apostle Twitty a vision to establish R.O.T.W. and to write the vision as He had instructed and to make it plain. God told Apostle Twitty to bring both the church and the world together to become the Kingdom of God. The mission of R.O.T.W. Ministries is to go out into the cities, cross over into other states, travel around the world and to other nations to restore, deliver, and to liberate God’s people so that they may declare unto themselves and others that they shall live and not die in the Kingdom of God.

Now, God has blessed Apostle Twitty to be heard on the radio and to be seen on several television shows. He is becoming more and more involved in his role in the communities for which his membership is made up of. In spite of all that Apostle Twitty has accomplished, he always, without hesitation or reservation gives God the glory because he knows that nobody could have opened the doors that have been opened for him, but God.

Apostle Twitty is also a dedicated family man. He is a husband to his lovely wife, Elect Lady Nicole Humphries Twitty, a father to his three children – Shante, Rashawn, and Amber, and a grandfather to Braylon.

Moreover, he is a published author of religious books. Aside from The Answer, he has also written The Revelation of Jesus Christ, P.M.S. Factor (Power, Money & Sex), and Nehemiah’s Strategic Planning Manual.