Do you hear God’s calling? Are you a leader?
What are you plans for your ministry?

If you want to find the answers to these questions, then you ought to hear what Senior Pastor Tommy Twitty has to say.

This book will assist you when you’re studying the scriptures or other materials for the Church. You can even find The Nehemiah Strategic Planning Manual study guide within this book. The manual itself will guide you in establishing leaders with a kingdom mindset as well as setting order in the ministry. More importantly, this book is intended to help you understand God’s vision for your home, career, business, or life.

Book reviews

For years, I have been planning to serve God for a long time now. But I never had the courage to step into the challenge of answering His calling. And I was surprised because when I read the book, it was like I was speaking to God directly. And now that I have heard His message loud and clear, I would like to realize my plans. I will use this book as a guide on my spiritual journey.

– David Clark

The Answer helped me discover my potential to be a great church leader. I have been inspired to answer my own calling; which I have always put off for some time now because I didn’t know what to do. But when I heard the message of God through the words of Senior Pastor Tommy, I knew I don’t have to remain in the sidelines anymore. I already have a guide on what to do so I’m not scared to lead anymore.

– Dorothy Collins

I have never felt closer to God. After reading this book, my heart was filled with inspiration and joy that I have already started planning how I can serve God in my own little ways. Hey, I may not be a pastor or a church leader but it doesn’t mean I can’t offer my services to Him. So, thank you, Pastor Tommy, for giving me the push that I need.

– Paul Harris

Apostle Tommy R. Twitty

Senior Pastor | (864) 461 - 7178 | [email protected]

A native of Chesnee, South Carolina, Apostle Tommy Twitty is a visionary, teacher, prophet, author, and founder of TRT Ministries and Reaching Outside the Walls Ministry (R.O.T.W). He is also the Senior Pastor of Word of Deliverance Assemblies, Inc., that is located in Gaffney, South…

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